Physical Health Screening

By filling in our evidence-based health screening, we gain important insight into one’s physical function and overall exercise capability. This will help us formulate personalised exercise programs for all employees

Personalised Exercise Prescription

The personalised exercise programs include safe and appropriate exercises that can be done both at home and at the office; enabling your team to stay active, move freely and live better

Workstation Ergonomic Guidance

Based on what equipment one has available, we provide a visual representation of the most optimal ergonomic set-up, plus recommendations for equipment that could improve the workstation

Problem: New Normal

As home-based work becomes part of the new normal, people will be more exposed to work-related injury risk factors – namely physical inactivity and poor workstation setups. If left unmanaged, the resultant rise in work-related injuries could be devastating for both companies and individuals

Our Solution

PreActive challenges these risk factors. Through our online, interactive platform, users will have access to physical health screenings with personalised exercise programs, workstation ergonomic guidance, and software that promotes movement throughout the day

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the health of employees, and by doing so, reduce the financial strain on companies and improve the overall quality of life of our society

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