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PreActive Wellness Service

Empowering employees to take ownership of their health, move freely and live better.

What is the PreActive approach to Wellness?

1. Education
Knowledge is Power

We delve deep into the scientific literature to provide implementable, evidence-based knowledge & tools to help your employees better optimise their health.

2. Get Active
Movement is Medicine

Through the PreActive Wellness App, we help employees stay active through short movement programs that are based on each individual's needs and capabilities.

3. Workspace Setup
To Support your Wellbeing

The way sit impacts the way we feel. We help to ensure that employees are set up at a workstation that is right for them - be it at home or at the office!

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PreActive Wellness App
Personalised daily exercise programs and workstation ergonomic guidance

Based on your situation

Whenever you need it.

How it works for the user

Physical Activity Screening

Feeling stiff or sore? Start by filling in our Physical Activity Screening, we will gather some information about your physical fitness and limitations.

Personalised Exercise Programs

Based on your needs and physical capabilities, we will provde you with a personalised Daily Movement Program and schedule it for you during the workday. The goal is to complete it twice per working day, easy right?

Workstation Ergonomics

By letting us know what equipment you have available, you will receive guidance on how to set up your workstation in a way that supports your physical health. It's as easy as that!

Corporate Wellness Webinars & Workshops

Educating employees and employers on how best to self-manage their physical and mental wellbeing.


Wellness Topics

Optimising Physical Activity & Workstation Ergonomics

The society-wide transition to hybrid/remote working is occurring, but how do we best adapt our work-time habits to support our physical health?

The Neuroscience of Exercise & Mental Health

Exercise is the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain and body. We all know that we should move - but how much? And what are the benefits?

Other: Your Choice!

Tailored seminars to suit the needs of your company. We will first sit down to discuss your situation, any concerns that you are facing in the realm of employee health, then construct a seminar which aligns with your needs.

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