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Keeping your team moving,
so that business doesn't
What is our approach?

Knowledge is Power

Through on-site and online sessions plus the PreActive Wellness app, we provide employees with the knowledge & tools necessary to take ownership of their health. 

Movement is Medicine

Through the PreActive Wellness App, we help employees stay active through short movement programs that are based on each individual's needs and capabilities.

To calm your mind

Our short, guided mindfulness sessions are perfect for employees who need to reset, relax and regain energy during the workday - available on the PreActive Wellness App!

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PreActive Wellness
Your one-stop wellbeing shop.

Personalised exercise programs. Mindfulness sessions. Workstation setup guidance.

Whenever you need it.

How it works

we start by discussing the needs of your team

Kick-off session

We craft a kick-off session based on your team's needs. Is mental health & burnout a hot topic? We educate on proper self-management. Are physical health problems a concern? we provide knowledge & tools to empower your team. 

Using PreActive

At the kick-off, we walk your team through the use of the PreActive Wellness app, so that everybody knows how to utilise its benefits! Following which, your team has access to high-quality, evidence based physical & mental health management tools. 

Ongoing Support

We are committed to providing your team with top-notch educational wellbeing content and technical support. Additionally, we offer a range of workshops and seminars designed to enhance their overall wellness and productivity!

Company Wellness Workshops & Webinars

Educating employees and employers on how best to self-manage their physical and mental wellbeing.


Session Topics

Physical Health at Work

Physical pain and discomfort is something that impacts us all, particularly when we sit at a desk all day. But how can we best use movement to improve our health? And how should our desk be set up to support our wellbeing?

Managing Stress at Work

Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It's about how you drive, not where you are going. We explore the benefit of exercise and mindfulness in helping to manage our stress levels & mental health - with easily-implementable tools to try!

Other: Your Choice!

Tailored seminars to suit the needs of your company. We will first sit down to discuss your situation, any concerns that you are facing in the realm of employee health, then construct a seminar which aligns with your needs.

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