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Regular exercise boosts your immune system function & improves lung health!

This short article outlines some of the benefits of exercise and why this is important to you in the midst of a world-wide pandemic. No scientific data currently exists with respect to the effect of exercise on COVID-19 specifically, but some well-documented, relevant and important benefits exist, such as:


- Improved immune response and function 💪

- Reduced incidence, duration and intensity of upper respiratory tract (mainly viral) infections

- Reduced incidence of influenza & pneumonia 🤧


- Improved mood & reduced feelings of anxiety 🧘‍♂️

- Assist with weight management ⚖️

- Reduced risk of all-cause mortality

So not only do you feel better, but you reduce the risk of viral infections affecting lungs!

The article outlines some easy tips to help you achieve guideline exercise levels - it's worth a read!


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