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Stand Up Every Hour!

Do you sit for long periods during the day? Standing for just 2 minutes every hour will decrease your mortality risk!

In our last post we noted some of the health benefits of exercise. Still, a common misconception is that you must exercise at a high intensity or for a long duration to experience health benefits. However, you can influence your health positively merely by standing and walking for 2 minutes every hour!

It has been shown that long bouts of sedentary behaviour (sitting for >60-90 minutes at a time) increases the risk of premature death compared to people who had shortest sedentary bouts and the least total sedentary time. It was even shown that people who moved around every 30 minutes showed the lowest mortality risk.

With most of us working from home for the foreseeable future, the

incidental opportunities to be physically active are likely to be reduced. So, why not start today with replacing 2 minutes of sitting with 2 minutes of standing. A little can go a long way! 💪


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