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Who, What, When, Where & Why - the 5 W's of the PreActive Wellness App

If you're reading this then you'd be aware of our recent app launch! We're extremely excited to have made our product available and to start helping people manage their physical health on a large scale.

So, we think that now is a great time to provide answers to some FAQs, which will make things clearer when you start using our service. For this, we'll use the 5 W's - Let's start with What:

What is the PreActive App?

The PreActive App is a wellness platform that provides users with personalised daily movement programs (3 exercises each) and personalised workstation ergonomic guidance - based on information provided by the user! It is available for use 24/7 - whenever you need it most.

Who should be using it?

Our service is targeted at people who primarily work desk-based jobs and therefore spend extended periods seated; but, anybody and everybody can benefit from moving more throughout the day and giving some consideration to their workstation set up. It doesn't matter if you currently experience discomfort or you are completely pain-free - the output you receive from the platform is based on your individual needs, making it beneficial for everybody!

Why should I use it?

Because movement is medicine! The research is clear on this - increasing your level of movement/exercise, even small, seemingly insignificant bouts ( 5 minutes, twice per day) can have immeasurable positive effects on your health. Not just your physical health, but also your mental health, your immune, cardiac and metabolic health!

When should I use it?

Our short daily movement programs go for approximately 5 minutes each. We aim to get you moving at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon to break up extended sitting periods, so we send you push notification reminders twice per day to help keep you on track. 5 minutes, twice per day - that's not too bad, right?

Where should I use it?

At home - at the office - in a park - at your colleagues house - in a cafe - wherever you can find a little bit of space to move around! Again, movement is key here. Normalise short bouts of exercise into your daily routine and just see how much better you feel!

So that's a very brief overview. Hopefully this has sparked your motivation and excitement to move more and to check out the platform!

If you would like to gain access to the app to see what all the fuss is about then please feel free to get in contact:

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